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Thursday, 03 November 2011
Share your input on promotional use of the FSC trademarks

FSC International is seeking comments on the second draft of FSC-STD-50-002 Requirements for promotional use of the FSC trademarks by non-certificate holders.

This standard covers the following type of trademark uses by non-certificate holders:

  • Promotional use by organizations that, according to standard FSC-STD-40-004, are not required to have FSC certification (e.g. promoting FSC finished and labeled products or promoting FSC as a system)
  • For educational or research purposes
  • On media pieces (e.g. press releases, TV commercials)
  • Promotion of certification services by certification bodies and their sub-contractors
  • [/list]
    Please note this will not change the trademark use regulations for FSC certificate holders.

    In addition to the standard, FSC prepared a guidance document entitled “Eligibility for using the FSC trademarks for promotion of FSC certified products.”

    The public consultation is open until December 10, 2011 and comments are to be submitted, by using the comment form template.

    Please contact Emily Crumley ( for questions or comments.