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Thursday, 03 November 2011
FSC US is hiring

The Forest Stewardship Council US is hiring for two positions: Marketplace Manager and Advocacy Director.

The Marketplace Manager position is a new announcement for a position based in the Minneapolis headquarters and focused on expanding two complementary programs:

  • Marketplace, which provides assistance to U.S. companies that are certified to FSC standards and wish to utilize a new web-based business-to-business platform designed to connect supply and demand.
  • Trademark, which provides FSC trademark services to non-certified organizations such as retailers, educational organizations, NGOs, and the media, as well as investigation of FSC trademark violations.

As announced in October, FSC US is also hiring an Advocacy Director position, which will be based in Washington, DC. The successful candidate will combine experience in advocacy strategies with sound knowledge of exemplary forest management policies and FSC standards, translating that knowledge into effective advocacy to influence industry and government decision making. He/She will also work with FSC International to promote, where applicable, relevant policies that have an international dimension or impact.

The deadline for submissions for both of these opportunities is Monday, December 5th.

Please visit the FSC US jobs page for more information about these positions.