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Saturday, 01 December 2001
FSC-U.S. Hires New Communications Chief

FSC-U.S. would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome Lisa Swann, FSC Communications Chief, to the FSC staff. Lisa has a wealth of experience in communications and media relations in Washington, DC.

For eight years she worked as press director at Environmental Defense, promoting a variety of campaigns related to forestry, endangered species, and global warming issues. Lisa also served as the media director at Defenders of Wildlife, where she led the communications efforts to restore the gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park. She has also managed to spend considerable time on Capitol Hill, working as press secretary to U.S. Senators James Jeffords (I-VT) from 1989-90 and Robert Stafford (R-VT) from 1985-88. Lisa started her career as an environmental reporter and news anchor for WCAX-TV, a CBS-affiliate in Burlington, VT. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Emerson College in Boston. She lives with her husband and 5-year old son in Washington, DC.

On Lisa’s list of to-do’s are:

• Increase awareness of FSC’s strengths: exclusively independent, third-party certification, key environmental support, economic viability.

• Develop partnerships in promoting the signature FSC Checkmark-and-Tree logo.

• Raise the overall profile of the organization and increase markets for certified products.

Lisa can be reached at             202.342.1388       or