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Monday, 15 October 2001
Percentage-based claims survey Comments Wanted!

FSC invites our stakeholders to fill out the survey on regarding FSC’s policy on percentage-based claims (May 2000). The aims of the policy were to: allow for public recognition of products with less than 100% FSC-certified raw material, reduce the barriers facing industries that rely on a large number of suppliers, and promote greater education and outreach to small landowners on how the FSC system works for them.

The survey aims to gather comments about on the daily applications of the policy. The survey contains sections geared towards all of you, from researchers and NGO’s, to forest owners and managers, to all levels of the wood products business, from producers to distributors to retailers to consumers.

Sample questions:

• Are the rules controlling uncertified content easy to understand?

• The FSC wants to avoid the use of its trademarks on products that contain uncertified raw materials from controversial sources. Do you think the definition of controversial sources is appropriate?

• What percentage of your wood products is sold as FSC certified under a percentage-based claim?

Both the survey and the full percentage-based claims policy are available on The return deadline is October 31, 2001.