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Monday, 15 October 2001
Heiko Liedeker announced as Executive Director of FSC International

Heiko Liedeker, Executive Director of FSC International, brings a unique blend of environmental planning and policy skills to his post at FSC. Before joining the FSC, Mr. Liedeker headed the European Certification Initiative for Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Switzerland. Previously, he operated out of Frankfurt, Germany as WWF’s Senior Forest Policy Advisor, Forestry Department Head, and European Forest Team Chairman.

Prior to embarking on a career in the non-profit sector, Mr. Liedeker served as an Environmental Information Systems Advisor and technical Advisor to government agencies in Saudi Arabia, the Ukraine, and Germany. A native of Germany, Mr. Liedeker holds a Masters in Forest Ecology from the University of Vermont and a BS in Forestry from Ludwig-Maximillians University in Munich.

In February of this year, FSC International assembled a change management team to create a plan for the restructuring of the responsibilities of the FSC network throughout the globe. In August, Mr. Liedeker came to the US to present the resulting report to funders and stakeholders of the FSC. The report calls for a decentralized and flexible organization, with regional offices around the globe to act as centers for knowledge and expertise that can be applied to FSC globally. Plans also include measures to expand communications capacity and brand presence. For the complete report, contact