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Saturday, 15 September 2001
Pictou Landing First Nation Reserve first for FSC Certification in Canada

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The Pictou Landing First Nation Reserve, a 950 acre (385 hectare) maritime lowland forest located on the shore of the Northumberland Strait in Nova Scotia, was a first for FSC certification in Canada on two fronts. In March 2000, it became the first woodlot to earn FSC certification in the province of Nova Scotia.

The certification also made it the first First Nations-owned woodlot to earn this international recognition in all of Canada. The objectives of the Band’s forest management plan are forest restoration and silvicultural techniques that favor long-lived, valuable trees. In keeping with Pictou Landing First Nations tradition, the woods are still considered a resource for much more than timber. The woodlands are also utilized as a multi-use resource, available for hunting, gathering, and wildlife observation. The forest provides economic benefits in employment and training opportunities, income, and raw materials for local crafts.