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Wednesday, 15 August 2001
The Collins Companies, FSC economic chamber member since June 1995

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Since its inception in 1855, The Collins Co. has been dedicated to responsibly managing its forests according to the needs of the ecosystem and not just the sawmill. In 1993, Collins Almanor Forest was the first North American forest to be certified by FSC-accredited certifier SCS. All three of Collins’ forests are certified, totalling 295,000 acres. The forests are in three states, and offer a diverse mix of species from hardwoods, such as red and white oak, soft and hard maple, ash, beech, yellow poplar, and basswood, to softwoods such as ponderosa pine, hemfir, lodgepole pine, and incense cedar, sugar pine, and Douglas Fir. All of Collins’ wood products lines are certified, which currently includes particleboard, lumber, cut stock, veneer, flooring, veneer logs, and TruWood® engineered siding. In total, The Collins Co. have earned eight FSC forest management and chain-of-custody certificates from SCS.

Wade Mosby, Senior Vice President at The Collins Co., thinks FSC will be a good tool for Collins well into the future. “Getting certified energized us. It has increased our stature with environmentalists, and has helped create a name for us amongst other industry leaders, on national and international levels."

The Collins Companies are an excellent example of how large scale forestry operations, can integrate financially viable, and environmentally and socially responsible forestry. FSC looks forward to working with The Collins Co. and similar-minded companies in the future. Collins is attending the Certified Forest Products International Conference in Atlanta in September. Check out to learn how to get involved.