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Wednesday, 01 August 2001
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), FSC environmental chamber member since 1995

Partner Profile

NRDC's Forest Initiative harnesses market forces to transform the production, trade, and use of forest products into market systems that are efficient and environmentally sound. NRDC represents over 500,000 members in the US. Kate Heaton, who was recently elected to the FSC-U.S. board of directors, is a Senior Forestry Specialist with the NRDC. As active and experienced participants in the field of certification, Kate and NRDC play a vital and unique role in advancing FSC certification, both working alone and with other NGO partners. NRDC's recent work includes efforts to: recruit major companies including Lowe's to specify a preference for FSC-certified forest products, advance higher and more consistent standards in the US through the development of FSC U.S. National Indicators, and build a success story with the San Francisco Airport, which hosted a 6-month display of certified products and constructed a 21,000 square foot wall of FSC-certified veneer. FSC looks forward to working with NRDC and many of our other partners to build a successful FSC.Stay tuned to for more Partner Profiles. Next up: The Collins Companies.