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Wednesday, 01 August 2001
Consumer Awareness of FSC on the Rise

A Message from FSC-US Executive Director, Hank Cauley

The checkmark and tree logo of the FSC is making its way into a lot of places these days. With 8.3 million certified acres of forest and 392 chain-of-custody certificates in the U.S. alone, the FSC presence in the forest products marketplace grows everyday. It is growing so much, in fact, that its time to start letting more people in on the good news. As we featured in the July 1 issue of this newsletter, our celebrity PSA featuring Pierce Brosnan is one tool that is beginning to educate consumers about the FSC. Additionally, we have placed our "Do You Know Where Your Wood Comes From" ad series in targeted media sources, such as National Parks, Mother Jones, and the Official Guide to Major League Baseball 2001. We have produced radio spots for Maine audiences. Another important tool for raising awareness about the FSC comes from promotional activities of the companies who are harvesting, manufacturing, buying and selling FSC products everyday. As a thanks to them, and as a service to our readers, this newsletter will regularly profile those companies who are getting the FSC logo out into the marketplace. The more people see, hear and learn about the FSC, the more they’ll start to ask for it. The foundation is solid, the momentum is strong and the brand is ready. Let’s work together to tell everybody the good news—send us your examples of FSC usage to share in this newsletter with the entire FSC network.