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Tuesday, 01 April 2003
Scientific Certification Systems

Partner Profile

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is a privately owned, for-profit business based in Northern California that has been operating since the early 1980s. SCS is currently one of two U.S. based third-party FSC-accredited certifiers offering chain-of-custody and forest management services.

SCS’s involvement with forest certification began in the early 1990s prior the founding of the FSC. This experience later proved invaluable when SCS served on the FSC’s Interim Board of Directors, which laid the groundwork for the FSC Founding Assembly. SCS Senior Vice President Robert Hrubes, Ph.D., was then elected to the founding Board of Directors (of FSC International), on which he served for 5 years.

SCS was among the first of three certification bodies to seek FSC accreditation, and in January 1996 became accredited to award FSC chain-of-custody and forest management certifications globally. SCS has also been active in FSC governance affairs, including involvement in regional standards development initiatives in North America, South America, Sweden, Germany, and New Zealand.

SCS has awarded several key FSC certifications in the U.S., including the two largest forest management operations: Pennsylvania State Forests (2.2 million acres), and Seven Islands Land Management (Maine) (975,000 acres). SCS has also certified all of the forest management and chain-of-custody operations for The Collins Companies. Most recently, SCS certified 3,700 acres of watershed lands for the City of Astoria, Oregon.

In total, SCS has certified more than 14 million acres of natural forests and plantations in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. SCS also audited and certified over 500 manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Work is performed through a combination of in-house professionals and a worldwide network of regional representatives.

SCS’s certification services extend beyond those offered by the FSC. SCS’s environmental division offers evaluation and certification services to a wide range of manufacturing companies. Certification programs include: recycled/recovered content; salvaged wood; reclaimed agfiber content; organic; biodegradable; formaldehyde free; environmentally preferable; and many others.

SCS also develops and certifies food safety programs for every tier of the food production sector. Under its NutriClean® program, SCS also evaluates and certifies fresh produce as being “free of pesticide residues," and is accredited by the USDA under the new National Organic Program. Other certification programs offered by SCS include those accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council and the Marine Aquarium Council.

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