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Monday, 24 June 2024
Crate & Barrel: Sustainability by Design

2023 FSC Leadership Award Winner

With 60 plus years in business, you likely know Crate & Barrel for their high-quality home and furniture offerings, but did you know sustainability is a key part of their business? In fact, Crate & Barrel has been offering FSC®-certified collections since 2008, and they continue to advance their sustainability goals through a combination of commitments and values that prioritize the wellbeing of people and planet.

Their goals focus on leading with corporate responsibility and responsible design at the forefront of everything from products and packaging, to people and social wellness. Becoming FSC-certified was a pivotal step, not only because it’s a globally recognized standard, but it also deeply aligns with Crate & Barrel's core values.

As Janet Hayes, CEO of Crate & Barrel Holdings (CBH), states: "Our vision is to build a home with purpose in order to create happier and healthier communities for future generations. These goals represent our commitment to helping our people and planet thrive while growing our business. This is just the beginning; we are on a journey driven by passion, transparency, and accountability at every turn, to leave the world a better place than we found it."

Sourcing FSC-certified wood is one of Crate & Barrels core goals for the brand’s 2025 commitments. This includes that 50% of their furniture be FSC-certified by 2025 of which they are close to achieving. Additionally, 100% of their catalogs and shopping bags are FSC-certified.

Above and beyond the 2025 focus and goals, CBH has outlined its holistic people- and planet-focused values as it embraces a more sustainable approach to business through:

  • Climate neutrality by setting climate targets and reducing its carbon footprint throughout its supply chain to the last mile.
  • Sustainable materials sourcing including FSC-certified wood, preferred fibers and recycled packaging.
  • Ethical supply chain by encouraging suppliers to commit to social and environmental improvements.
  • Circular solutions that will replace single-use consumption with circular projects, operations and products.
  • Empowered employees who are encouraged to shape innovative sustainability programs and put them into practice.
  • Conscious customers who will receive a simplified customer experience to promote responsible shopping with clear labeling, third-party verification and sustainable products.
  • Digital responsibility to ensure privacy, security and data collection while using technology solutions such as remote meetings to reduce emissions.

For Earth Day 2024, FSC International released a video highlighting the strong partnership between FSC and Crate & Barrel, as well as Crate & Barrel’s commitments to responsible sourcing and being a forest steward.

Watch the video and learn more about their inspiring journey toward sustainability and responsible forest stewardship.

In 2023, Crate & Barrel was recognized as an FSC Leadership Award winner for their commitment to FSC-certified furniture, catalogs, and product marketing. Crate & Barrel has held a Promotional License with FSC since 2020, and in the years since, have been strong promoters of FSC. We are proud to partner with a brand committed to responsible sourcing, sustainability, and being stewards of the forest!