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Tuesday, 15 August 2023
Farewell and New Horizons: Honoring Outgoing Board Members and the 2023-2026 Board of Directors Election

This summer, as the trees flourish and the forests come alive, the Forest Stewardship Council US bids farewell to three exceptional board members, each of whom has played a pivotal role in our organization.

Among those departing, Linda Walker, a dedicated member of the environmental chamber from the World Wildlife Fund, has been an invaluable presence on the board since 2017. In the words of Sarah Billig, “Linda was such a welcoming presence when I first joined the board. It can be intimidating to join a national board with other high-level professionals, but Linda made it welcoming at my very first meeting and has since then. She has been an invaluable resource, helping to guide the board to better, more thoughtful decisions. There is no one else like Linda – her presence will be deeply missed.”

Shoana Humphries joined our board in 2018, but her dedication to FSC goes beyond that. As a leader of the Social Chamber Committee, her remarkable efforts to enhance chamber participation and recruit new members has been truly impactful. In the words of Amanda Mahaffey, "Shoana has been a fabulous leader for the Social Chamber. We have benefited greatly from her global perspective on social chamber issues, her passion for representing these values within the FSC framework, and her dedication to building community. Thanks to Shoana’s energy, the Social Chamber has been strengthened through a transitional time for FSC, and we are better prepared to build on this work in the years ahead. I will greatly miss getting to work with her!" Shoana's contributions have left a lasting mark on our organization, and we deeply appreciate her dedication.

Tim Beyer, affiliated with the MN Department of Natural Resources prior to his retirement, has been a guiding force in the economic chamber since 2018. Tim's consistent presence and strong leadership played a vital role in shepherding the Policy and Standards Committee through the challenging process of completing the National Forest Stewardship Standard on time. Amy Clark Eagle notes, that as chair of the Board’s Policy & Standards Committee, Tim’s role was even a little more - he helped to keep the process moving forward, and to keep other Standard Development Group members engaged in the process.” His contributions have been immense.

As we honor our departing board members, we simultaneously look towards the next chapter with the 2023-2026 Board of Directors Election. The election period is underway, and the voting period closes on Wednesday, August 30th, at midnight EST. FSC US members can use the voting link provided by ElectionBuddy to cast their votes.

This year, candidates run unopposed in both the economic and social chambers. Regrettably, no nominations were received for the Environmental Chamber position, leading to the absence of a vote for this position.

Meet the Candidates:

While the Environmental Chamber remains an essential part of our sustainability efforts, we remain committed to fostering environmental stewardship and will continue to actively encourage participation in this chamber.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Linda, Shoana, and Tim for their remarkable contributions, and we encourage all members to cast their vote in this year's election. Together, we can continue to build a brighter, greener future for our planet.