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Wednesday, 15 March 2023
FSC Develops Strategy for Diversity & Gender

Earlier this month, FSC International published the “FSC Strategic Framework on Diversity and Gender” to build on the standards that have long prioritized strong social safeguards. The goal of the strategy is to ensure FSC becomes a truly diverse and gender-inclusive organization.

Over the past year, FSC Members, staff and board members met to shape the framework, which was approved by the FSC Board of Directors. In particular, the strategy identifies four focus areas for work:

  • Human rights and access to resources, tenure, and use
  • Active participation and stewardship decision making
  • The gender gap both within and outside forestry value chains
  • Rights-based climate and biodiversity action

The framework reasserts FSC’s commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive and equal organization and system, on the path to achieving our 2050 vision of resilient forests sustaining life on Earth.

Reach the strategic framework here: […]