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Thursday, 11 November 2021
An Entrepreneur’s Call to One Simple Action

By: Grayson Murphy, FSC Ambassador

Entrepreneurs and business owners are in a unique position of power when it comes to adapting more environmentally friendly business practices. A well-known perk to owning a small business or being an entrepreneur is the ability to set one’s own business hours and to be your own boss. A less thought-of perk is the ability of a small business owner to make decisions based on more than mere profits and losses. These owners can make decisions that reflect a sense of responsibility to the greater good of the community and environment.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur myself, I first found the number of decisions I had to make for my business to be extremely overwhelming. However, with some experience came a change in perspective - along with a growing sense of empowerment. I now see every decision that I make for my business as a way to contribute to my community and to be a good example and leader of proper natural resource stewardship. In the last two years, I have committed to having my Racin’ Grayson Training Logs + Planners printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. This means that these paper products were produced in a sustainably and responsibly managed forest. Additionally, this year I had the opportunity to commit to fully recyclable paper packaging and shipping materials.

Why does this matter? We depend on natural resources to live. Our forests have given us not only paper products, but also contributed to our economies, clean air and water supplies and medicine, amongst many other valuable benefits. As entrepreneurs and environmentalists, we have a responsibility to make decisions that help our businesses flourish while also respecting and protecting the forests that allow our businesses to thrive. This is a call to action: one simple action that all business owners and entrepreneurs can make. With your powers of decision making, choose to support sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices such as using FSC certified products. One simple action from many can quickly add up to a collective action with enough power and force to make a difference.

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Grayson Murphy is a professional runner for Saucony and the National and World Mountain Running Champion of 2019. She also serves as an FSC Ambassador; you can follow her on Instagram and find and buy her FSC-certified Training Log and Planner at