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Wednesday, 21 July 2021
New FSC US Ambassador Program

FSC depends on buyer awareness of the environmental and social impacts of their forest-based product purchases. At the same time, in recent years, social media has elevated the individual voices of “influencers,” who gain loyal followings by sharing authentic, appealing stories of their personal experiences and product choices; these influencers can be a fantastic value for brands versus more conventional forms of advertising.

To address this opportunity, FSC US recently created the FSC Ambassador Program, which seeks to tap the power of influencers, developing cause marketing initiatives to drive buyers to choose FSC to help protect forests worldwide.

The effort is being led by Aubrey McCormick, FSC US Regional Manager – West and Chris McLaren, Chief Marketing & Market Development Officer. As a former professional golfer, Aubrey has previously served as an ambassador for major brands such as Nike and Cleveland Golf. Chris brings decades of marketing leadership working with major corporations and non-profit partnerships. The team has also stuck a partnership with Lou Raiola, who is serving as FSC US Strategic Advisor of Cause Marketing & Influencer Relations. Lou is the Director of ESG, CSR, & Cause Marketing of the Vomela Companies and has decades of experience creating unlikely partnerships between business, non-profit and celebrity influencer communities.

The team launched the Ambassador program in mid 2020 and has quickly brought several Ambassadors onboard. Ambassadors agree to use their social platforms and voices to help make a positive impact for forests. The team is proud to support a multitude of talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds from social media influencers to professional athletes, business leaders, designers, and Indigenous community leaders.

Our goal is to spread awareness of FSC among Ambassadors’ audiences using a collaborative approach that benefits all parties, including consumers who are willing to lead by example, putting sustainability at the heart of their purchasing.

Currently our FSC US Ambassadors are:

Bella Buchiotti, Social & Lifestyle Influencer
Follow Bella at “xoxo Bella”; her gorgeous photos on Instagram, on her YouTube channel, and on Facebook and Twitter. Bella's review of an FSC forest in Arkansas can be seen here.

Jeremy Casebeer, Professional Volleyball Player
Follow Jeremy on LinkedIn, Instagram, or

Grayson Murphy, Professional Runner
Follow Grayson on Instagram and Twitter, and check out her website, "Racin' Grayson".

Chris Voell, Environmental Professional
Follow Chris on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Maggie Jo, Award Winning Furniture Designer
To see Maggie Jo’s work or follow her on her next adventure check her out on Instagram @maggiejodesign @maggiejosanderson or at her website

Logan Dralle, Storyteller & Social Media Influencer
Follow Logan on Her Oregon Life and Instagram.

Shelley Cohen, CEO, Entrepreneur & Renewable Energy Developer
Follow Shelley, @ShelleyHCohen and Shelley Cohen LinkedIn

Thea Lemberger, Former Professional Basketball Player & Sustainable Forestry Leader
Follow Thea on Twitter and LinkedIn

To learn more, become an FSC Ambassador, or recommend someone you know, please see the FSC US Ambassador page or reach out to Aubrey McCormick, Regional Manager – West ( or Maggie Abel, Marketing Manager (