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Thursday, 25 March 2021
Forest Carbon Research Underway

After an extensive review process, FSC US and FSC Canada have selected SCS Global Services to conduct research into the forest carbon impacts of FSC certification in the Pacific West, Southeast US and Canadian boreal forests.

The research requires three separate areas of expertise: Knowledge of FSC, experience with forest carbon evaluation, and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). While we received nine qualified proposals, ultimately the SCS team rose to the top due to their demonstrated experience and proposed approach, which relies on the use of inventory data to assess carbon additionality.

The SCS team is led by Tobias Schultz, director of research and development, along with Keith Killpack, technical director, and Christie Pollet-Young, director of the greenhouse gas verification program.

In addition to the staff team from the national offices in Canada and the US, FSC convened an advisory body to provide input on the methodology and analysis consisting of the following:

  • Julianne Baroody, Verra
  • Dave Chaffin, Kimberly-Clark
  • Caitlin Clarke, The Nature Conservancy
  • Andrew Dempsey and Sue Long, REI
  • David Diaz, Ecotrust
  • Ronnie Drever, Nature United
  • Geoff Guest, Amazon
  • Christoph Leibing, IKEA
  • Ryan Poole, DPR Construction
  • Martha Stevenson, WWF-US

FSC will conduct a public consultation on the research methodology later in the summer. If you are interested in reviewing the proposed approach and providing feedback, please sign up for the consultative forum.

Please send any questions about this work to Brad Kahn (, who is serving as project manager.