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Wednesday, 18 November 2020
Top-10 Reasons to Comment on the Revised National Forest Stewardship Standard

Through Friday, December 18th, the draft revised National Forest Stewardship Standard is open for public comment. Following below are the top-10 reasons to review the draft and submit your comments:

1) Influence the management of more than 35 million acres of forest currently certified to FSC standards in the US, with millions of additional acres considering certification.

2) Add your perspective to the diverse coalition of voices represented by FSC.

3) Help FSC make sure the new forest stewardship standard is both rigorous and practical.

4) Stand up for science as it applies to forest management.

5) Ensure FSC certification remains a good proxy for climate-smart forestry and wood products in the construction marketplace.

6) Use this opportunity to make forests more resilient to climate change.

7) Make sure exploitative practices, like high-grading, have no place in FSC-certified forests.

8) Represent the interests of Indigenous Peoples as Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) becomes part of the standard.

9) Lend your voice on behalf of forest workers, including contractors and subcontractors, enhancing FSC’s role as a way to promote social justice.

10) Help FSC maintain its best-in-class forest management certification standard.

For more information and to comment, please visit