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Wednesday, 25 September 2019
Procter & Gamble Increases Goal for FSC Fiber Use to 75% in its Family Care Products

September 25, 2019

As a voluntary, market-based certification, FSC relies on demand from companies and consumers to deliver positive impacts in responsibly managed certified forests. So, it is significant to announce that Procter & Gamble – one of the world’s largest consumer products companies – has committed to increase its use of FSC-certified fiber from 40% to 75% by 2025 for its Charmin, Bounty and Puffs-branded Family Care products.

These new commitments are a big deal for forests in the US and Canada, where P&G sources much of its fiber. For example, the Four States Timberland Owners Association is an FSC group certification operating in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Procter & Gamble, working with Domtar, has supported expansion of FSC certification through this Association, both to increase FSC supply for its products and to help reward landowners for their responsible forest management practices. As demand for FSC-certified fiber grows, landowners across North America will have additional incentives to earn and maintain certification.

“We applaud P&G for increasing its commitment to using FSC-certified fiber in its iconic consumer products,” said Corey Brinkema, President of FSC US. “This new demand will help justify to landowners the value of FSC certification, delivering positive impacts to forests in the Southern US,” he added.

While there are many reasons FSC is considered the world’s most trusted forest certification, one key reason is the unique impacts FSC verifies in the forest. In the US South, this includes restricting opening sizes and requiring retention of green trees within openings, limiting use of highly hazardous pesticides to protect human and environmental health, and requiring habitat protection for species in decline but not formally listed under state and federal endangered species regulations. These outcomes exemplify why FSC is the only standard endorsed by the world’s most reputable environmental organizations, distinguishing it from conventional forestry and other forest certifications.

As part of its announcement, Procter & Gamble also agreed to help raise awareness about FSC and the importance of responsibly managed forests. This builds upon similar recent initiatives, such as their work to promote family woodlands in Arkansas and in support of FSC’s “One Simple Action” campaign.

Along with the recent completion of FSC Canada’s re-invented forest management standard in Canada, P&G’s new commitments will encourage forest managers to certify additional lands. FSC Canada’s new standard targets the most pressing issues threatening Canadian forests, including the woodland caribou crisis, the rights of Indigenous Peoples, workers’ rights (including gender equity), conservation and landscape management.

“The Forest Stewardship Council is the world’s most trusted forest certification system, which is one of the reasons Procter & Gamble has a preference for FSC-certified fiber in our family care products,” said Manuel Ceja, Family Care Sustainability Leader at Procter & Gamble. “With this new commitment, we see the opportunity to translate our procurement policies into direct positive impacts for forests,” he added.

New commitments such as Procter & Gamble’s are driving unprecedented demand for responsibly sourced forest products across supply chains, invigorating communication to consumers about the importance of choosing FSC, and ultimately helping to safeguard US and Canadian forests for people, wildlife and the climate.

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