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Wednesday, 04 September 2019
FSC Friday 2019: Marketing toolkit update

September 4, 2019

Date: September 27, 2019
Theme: Thriving Forests. Thriving People. Thriving Business.

What is FSC Friday?
On Friday, September 27th, FSC-certified businesses, FSC members, schools and organizations around the world will celebrate FSC Friday. This event is about sharing the work our organization has been doing for almost 25 years to take care of forests and their biodiversity.


How can you celebrate FSC Friday?
Participating in FSC Friday can be as simple as sharing one of the photos from our toolkit, snapping a photo of your awesome team, showing the world the forests you work hard to maintain, or telling your friends about an FSC product. We want to see it all!

If you do not have any plans for FSC Friday yet, here are a few ideas:

FSC-certified businesses and environmental organizations:

  • Hold a staff awareness day. This might include a lunch-and-learn, seminar, or short talk about being an FSC Certificate Holder, followed by a team-building activity, (e.g. a quiz or a trip to your local forest). This is a great opportunity to get your whole organization educated about the importance of FSC! Ideas include:
  • Hosting a ‘green’ event at your offices or organize FSC Friday office decorations in public spaces.
  • Show our “Together We Are FSC” videos that showcase how sustainable forestry and responsible sourcing contribute to your sustainable development goals.
  • Offer customers a discount or promotional offer for items that are FSC-certified to educate and encourage eco-friendly purchases.
  • Add FSC Friday assets to your website or social channels, use #FSCFriday and #TogetherWeAreFSC
  • Work with your local community to create more awareness of sustainability. This might include planting trees, partnering with local schools, or working with a local organization for a forest clean-up day. Organizations like The Nature Conservancy and Sierra Club have great local volunteer opportunities.

FSC members and interested individuals:

  • Snap a picture of an item you see with our label, and share on social media using the #FSCFriday. Check out our Pinterest page for products that are FSC-certified.
  • Tell us why you love forests! Send us your selfies on your nature walks or group shots from your last hike. Don’t forget to use the #FSCFriday hashtag.

Unsure what to say?
Our marketing toolkit has a page with suggested social media posts and ideas that will engage your creative juices.

If you have any questions about the marketing toolkit or ideas to share with us please email our Marketing Manager, Karina Carlson at k.carlson at us.fsc point org.