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Wednesday, 28 August 2019
Amazon on Fire: Stop the Fires and then Plan for the Future

The human-induced fires that are ravaging one of the most important regions of the planet must be stopped. Life on earth depends on the wellbeing of biomes such as tropical rainforests and the Amazon rainforest, due to its size, represents a significant part of that wellbeing.

Clearly, the number one priority in the global Amazon crisis is to put out the fires in Brazil and Bolivia.

But once this is done, what should we do? Will the placement of military forces for an indefinite period solve the problem? While this form of command and control action is important, FSC believes it will not be enough to end deforestation.

FSC believes that part of the solution is sustainable forest management. Another important piece in the puzzle is the implementation of an integrated holistic action plan that involves the Brazilian Ministries of Environment or Agriculture and includes all sectors and levels of government and civil society in the debate.

In the Amazon, deforestation needs to be prevented: Responsible forest management, conservation and restoration are initiatives that need support and investment. It is possible to structure a forest business chain based on a green, sustainable and inclusive economy. Indigenous Peoples, traditional communities, small and large companies, governments and NGOs - all must be part of this responsible management process.

For 25 years, FSC has worked to promote responsible forest management around the world. Covering much more than timber production, its forest management ensures protected ecosystem services such as water, carbon storage and biodiversity. And while respecting the natural cycle of the forest, it provides a powerful economic tool, capable of changing the levels of economic and social development of people living in and around the forest.

How can you help now?

Donate: As an emergency response, donate to frontline Amazon Rainforest groups working to defend the forest. Our friends at the Rainforest Alliance announced earlier this month that it would be redirecting 100% of its donations in August to frontline organizations in Brazil working to “protect the Amazon and defend the rights of its Indigenous people,” including the Brazil chapter of Coordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin and sustainable agriculture partner IMAFLORA.

Shop responsibly: Be a conscious consumer, taking care to support companies committed to responsible supply chains, like those who are FSC-certified.