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Monday, 22 July 2019
Welcome Roger Taylor

July 20, 2019

As the US South Regional Manager, Roger will lead efforts to grow demand and recognition for FSC-certified materials across all regional value chains, from pulp and paper to solid wood based industries, provide support to existing stakeholders, and push expansion of the certificate holder base in the Southeastern US.

Prior to joining FSC, Roger spent nearly 20 years focused on industrial forestry for some of the largest US timberland organizations. During his tenure as Southeast Regional Manager with Campbell Global, he managed timberland assets across six states, with a focus on harvest and marketing, silviculture, sustainable forestry practices, acquisitions, and inventory systems. In previous roles he also managed Temple-Inland’s natural forest program, where he set strategies and initiatives to maximize both the financial and environmental benefits of diverse forest types, from bottomland hardwoods and saline prairies to longleaf ridges and pitcher plant bogs, in Texas and Louisiana.

Most recently, Roger owned and operated Taylor Contract Services, serving clients in the forestry sector. He also spent time with Missouri State Parks, managing recreational activities and high conservation value forests in southern Missouri. Roger holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from the University of Arkansas - Monticello.

Being a forester who has seen the full spectrum of activities in forest management, Roger was drawn to both the global focus and science based approach with which FSC standards were developed, and is excited to have the opportunity to help grow the or-ganization’s reach within the southern U.S.

Roger currently resides in South Arkansas where he especially enjoys spending time fishing, golfing, camping, and hiking with family and friends.