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Thursday, 20 June 2019
Welcome Newest Certificate Holders

Updated August 13, 2020

In July 2020, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • Label ID Technologies, Inc. – This California-based company is now certified for adhesive labels.
  • Piccadilly (USA) Inc. – Now a certified distributor of stationery products, including journals and notebooks.
  • Clever Prints US LLC – This company out of Hartland, WI designs and manufactures decorated paper products for retailers all over the world.
  • Greenpointe Inc – dba Castle Bespoke Flooring (featured) – Recently certified luxury flooring company based in Oregon.

In June 2020, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • TOP FLIGHT, INC. – Top Flight is now a certified broker for a variety of paper and stationary products.
  • Mastercraft Hardwood Lumber, Inc. – Mastercraft Hardwood Lumber is now a certified distributer of various lumber and construction materials.
  • American Wood Fibers, Inc. – American Wood Fibers is recently certified for wood chips, including wood flour and shavings.
  • Bradford & Bigelow, Inc. – Located in Massachusetts, Bradford & Bigelow is now a certified printer.
  • Sanford L.P., dba Newell Office Brands – Sanford L.P., dba Newell Office Brands is now certified for coated and uncoated paperboard.
  • MFI, LLC – Based in Iowa, MFI is now a certified manufacturer of a variety of construction materials and furniture.
  • Greensouth, LLC – Located in Alabama, Greensouth LLC is now a certified logging company.

In May, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • AM PERFECTION LLC – This company is a certified broker for a variety of paper products.
  • Chandler Exhibits, Inc. – This Minnesota-based company designs, builds, and executes custom retail environments, and is now certified for a variety of solid wood products.
  • Belmark, Inc. – Based in Wisconsin, Belmark, Inc. is now an FSC-certified printer.

In April 2020, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • D-Terra Solutions, LLC – Located in Ohio, D-Terra Solutions, provides product development and contract manufacturing services and is now a certified broker for wood chips.
  • Shevick Sales Corp – Also known as Sleep On Latex, Shevick Sales Corp is now certified for innovative rubber foam pillows and mattresses sustainably-sourced from Sri Lanka.
  • AML Limited – Architectural Materials Lab, provides high quality and innovative architectural finishes, is based in California.
  • Mid-Valley Glass & Millwork – Located in Eugene, Oregon, this millwork manufacturer is now certified for a variety of construction products including doors and frames, moldings, and wood panels.
  • Crownjewlz, LLC – This stationery and gift company is now certified for notebooks and can be found on Amazon.
  • WK Brown Timber Corp – Based in the Greenwood, South Carolina area, this timber company is now certified for logs and wood chips.

In March 2020, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • Katerra Inc is a construction company based in California that is certified for engineered wood products.
  • Lewisburg Printing Company is a Tennessee-based company certified for printing services.
  • Sung In Printing America, Inc. is certified for printing services and is based in California.
  • GPA Packaging, LLC is a global company and their Chatsworth, California location is now certified for printing services.
  • JEANMARIE CREATIONS LLC supplied original “on-trend” gift bags and gift packaging accessories. They are certified for a variety of paper, packaging, and bags.
  • Sundance Graphics LLC dba SunDance Marketing Solutions is based in Orlando, Florida and is now a certified printer.
  • T.C. Logging, Inc. is based in Georgia and is certified for roundwood logs.
  • EcoLogic Brands, Inc. designs and manufactures paper bottles and is now certified for packaging and other pulp and paper products.
  • TJ Hale Company LLC is located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin and is a manufacturer of fixtures. They are now certified for a variety of indoor furniture products.
  • Best Veneer Company, LLC is located in Illinois and is certified for a variety of veneer products.
  • Lumber Decking Company dba Tropical Forest Products is certified for solid wood and wood for construction.
  • MBMA Corp dba Spectrum Kitchens creates custom casework solutions and is certified for indoor furniture including custom furniture and wardrobes.
  • Precision Materials LLC is a certified manufacturer of a variety of wood products.
  • Master Printing Inc. is based in New Jersey and is certified for printing services.
  • Niagara Sheets LLC is based in New York and is certified for corrugated paperboard and fiberboard.
  • World Press, Inc. is a certified printing company based in Missouri.
  • All Color Business Specialties LTD is certified for printing services and is based in New York.
  • Spacestor, Inc. is a California-based company that creates workspace furniture and is certified for indoor furniture.
  • ARS.ECO, Inc. is based in Santa Clarita, California and is certified as a broker of pulp and paper products.
  • National Lumber Company is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is certified as a broker of a variety of wood products.
  • Voorhees Wood & Manufactured Products, Inc. is a forest products wholesale company located in Eugene, OR and is certified for solid wood boards and glu-lams.
  • New Leaf Paper is certified as a broker of coated and uncoated papers.

In February 2020, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • West Coast Industries, Inc. – This San Francisco company is certified for indoor furniture. Product shown: Alumiline Table; Photographer: John Sutton; Designer: Interior Architects, San Francisco
  • PROGRESS CONTAINER & DISPLAY – Progress Container & Display is based in Georgia and offers a variety of FSC-certified packaging solutions.
  • OMT-VEYHL USA Corporation – This office furniture company is certified for wood panels and indoor furniture.
  • Elsa L, Inc. – A home décor company certified for a variety of products, including wooden frames and decorative objects, as well as packaging.
  • J. Summitt, Inc. dba Thomas Benjamin Architectural Flooring, dba Summitt Forest Products – This company is based in Southern California and is certified for wood panels and wood for construction.
  • Avanti International Acquisitions, Inc. – Based in California, this company is certified as a broker of wood panels, plywood, and particleboard.
  • Huhtamaki, Inc. – This producer of consumer goods packaging and other foodservice products is now certified for packaging.
  • Conservation Resource Partners, LLC – Based in New Hampshire, Conservation Resource Partners is certified for a variety of wood products, including logs, wood chips, and sawdust.
  • Americraft Carton, Inc. – This longstanding folding carton company is now certified for packaging.
  • Accurate Box Co., Inc – Accurate Box is a manufacturing company certified for corrugated paper packaging.
  • Cottonport Hardwoods, LLC. – Cottonport Hardwoods is certified for logging and based in Mississippi.
  • Good Hope, Inc. – Good Hope, Inc. is based in Mississippi and certified for logging.
  • Marshall & Bruce Co. – This printing company based in Nashville, TN is certified for printing and packaging.
  • Baesman Group, Inc. – Baesman Group is a marketing company based in Ohio that is certified for printing.
  • Unique Industries Inc. – This company is certified for party-themed napkins and plates.

In January 2020, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • Tournesol Siteworks, LLC – Tournesol Siteworks works with furnishings, planters, decking and construction material.
  • Woodhaus, Inc – Woodhaus is a millwork and cabinets manufacturer based in Texas.
  • Beaver Paper and Graphic Media, Inc. – Manufacturer of certified specialty papers.
  • Celco Manufacturing, Inc. – Celco Manufacturing is based in California and provides unique retail fixtures.
  • ORORA PACKAGING SOLUTIONS – Global packaging company certified for corrugated paperboard and cardboard packaging.
  • Universal Sheets LLC – Manufacturer of certified corrugated paperboard materials.
  • Jasper Pellets, LLC – Primary processor of certified wood chips and wood pellets.
  • Bella Laminati LLC – Certified for high-pressure laminates in a variety of different designs and styles.
  • Marcal, a Soundview Paper Company – Manufacturer of certified towel and tissue products.
  • AMP Printing, Inc. – Woman-owned printing company in Northern California.
  • West Camp Press, Inc. – Newly certified printing company based in Ohio.
  • ZELLAR EXCAVATING & SONS, INC. – Excavating company in Gulliver, Michigan, certified for logging rough wood.
  • CleverMade, LLC – Offers certified outdoor furniture in addition to non-forest based products.
  • McVantage Brokerage Services, LLC – Broker of a variety of certified solid wood products.
  • Hickory Complex – Located in North Carolina, certified for gummed papers.
  • Ritrama, Inc. ­– Self-adhesive materials manufacturer recently certified for adhesive labels.

In December 2019, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • RW Buildings LLC – ThisOhio-based company is certified to manufacture indoor furniture.
  • Select Products Holdings, LLC – A manufacturer of household and sanitary products including paper towels and tissues.
  • Scientific Games International, Inc. – Scientific GamesInternational, Inc. develops and services lottery games and wagering systems. They are certified for printed materials.
  • Magni Enterprise Corp. – A manufacturing company based inMiami, Florida that produces paper bags, among other products.
  • Central Mississippi Land and Timber – A logging company in Mississippi offering timber buying and logging options to forest landowners.
  • Nice-Pak Products, Inc. – A producer of wet wipes for consumer, healthcare, and other commercial markets.
  • Robert S. Harris & Associates, Inc. – A business management consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois certified as a broker of paper and paperboard.
  • Global Link & Supplies Inc. – Global Link & Supplies is a broker certified for tissue paper.
  • MillTown Paper, Inc. dba Falcon Paper Sales LLC/Liberty Paper Sales LLC – A manufacturing company based in Wisconsin that buys, sells, and converts paper.
  • Decowraps – Decowraps supplies the floral industry with innovative packaging products. They are certified for wrapping and packaging.
  • Prime Time Packaging Ltd. – A Los Angeles area company that specializes in custom packaging solutions for brands.
  • KeepCool USA LLC – A company that sells reusable bags, including bags made from certified materials.
  • Stanley Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. dba SWS Vidmar – Stanley Black & Decker is a manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware that is certified as a broker for part of furniture.
  • Blandin Paper Company dba UPM Blandin – UPM Blandin is a paper mill located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

In November 2019, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • NuCoat Inc – A Minnesota-based company that formulates and manufactures pre-mixed, proprietary liquid coatings for paper and film.
  • Providence Venture, Inc. – A construction company initially focused on residential remodeling, now serving the commercial market.
  • CertainTeed Ceilings Corporation – Certified for engineered wood products, CertainTeed Ceiling offers a wide variety of ceiling solutions.
  • AHF Products – Producer of hardwood floors located in Pennsylvania and doing business across the US.
  • California Sheet Metal Works, Inc. – Primarily a producer of architectural metal, California Sheet Metal Works is certified for paperboard.
  • Alamco Wood Products LLC – A manufacturer of certified glued laminated timber beams and arches.
  • Yoder Lumber Co., Inc – An Ohio-based certified master logging company with roots in responsible forestry and harvesting practices.
  • RDC Holding LLC – Located in New England, this company focuses on full services school furnishings and is certified for indoor furniture, office furniture, and cabinetry.
  • Hanie Group LLC – Manufacturer of outdoor furniture supplies with certified options in Teak and Acacia wood products.
  • U Brands LLC – Based in California, U Brands focuses on designing office tools and accessories and is certified for paper, printing, and paperboard.
  • Metro Web Corporation – New Jersey-based printer.
  • Quest Architectural Millwork, LLC – Certified in custom furniture and institutional casework.
  • Digital Pro, Inc. dba DPI Direct – California-based printer.

In October 2019, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • Gartner Studios – Certified for paper products, Gartner Studios offers customizing products to celebrate special occasions.
  • Powerflute USA, LLC – Powerflute is a fluting grade packaging solution under the Mondi Group umbrella, which also has four certified forests around the world.
  • Conecuh Timber Company, Inc. – Based in Alabama, this timber company has a range of forestry services from land management to harvesting.
  • Magna Group INC. – This wholesale paper company based in Florida, is certified for paperboard, packaging, and corrugated paper packaging.
  • WoodMark, LLC – This architectural woodworking company is located in Houston is certified for custom indoor furniture.
  • Misung Paper and Printing, Inc. – A company with a corporate dedication to environmental conservation, this paper and printing company is certified for packing and wrapping.
  • Direct Edge Media, Inc. – With three locations in the US and printing certified, offers a variety of printing and design services.
  • Harriss & Covington Hosiery Mills, Inc. – A textile company located in North Carolina, Harris & Covington is most known for its performance socks. Recently they got certified for rayon, a wood-based fiber used to make clothing.
  • Abundia Biomass, LLC. – Abundia is certified in wood chips, supporting growing demand for biomass.
  • Clean Paper Inc. – This Wisconsin tissue company specializes in promotional tissues packages, and is certified for facial tissues.
  • Ignis4, LLC – This Californian company is certified for wood chips and particles

In September 2019, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • Xerox Corporation - The Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line offers a robust line of certified products; made in the US and Canada, all Xerox® Vitality® Multipurpose Printer Papers and Bold Digital™ Printing Papers are FSC® certified.
  • Kodak Alaris Holdings Limited – A global provider of photo products and services, its thermal paper products - offered at Kodak Moments retail destinations nationwide - are now certified.
  • Lassiter Lumber Co. – Located in Alabama, Lassiter Lumber LLC has been manufacturing Southern Yellow Pine lumber for over a hundred years.
  • Distinctive Cabinet Design - A Minnesota company specializing in cabinets, Distinctive Cabinet Design offers other certified products including paneling, trim, casework, and shelving and fixtures.
  • Greenhaw Forestry Services LLC – a forestry service in Mississippi specializing in harvesting and reforestation services and consulting.
  • Danco – Manufacturer of industrial and commercial paper products, most of which are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.
  • Republic Paperboard Company, LLC – Sustainability is a driving force behind this Oklahoma paperboard company.
  • Willamette Falls Paper Company, Inc. – Based in Oregon, this paper mill is now certified for printing, copying, and coated paper.
  • Pregis Corporation – Pregis LLC, a protective packaging materials and automated systems manufacturer, received certification for its Easypack paper portfolio.
  • Trinidad Benham Corporation – Alongside a commitment to food safety, Trinidad focuses on sustainable packaging and storage options are part of their supply chain options.
  • Nittany Valley Offset – Based in State College, Pennsylvania, this printer specializes in publications and offset printing.
  • Haman Enterprises, Inc., Dba Haman Midwest –Based in Ohio, this packaging and printing company company offers options for retail and direct mail.
  • Artskills, Inc. – Founded in 1987 in Easton, PA, this family owned company offers offering poster making and art materials, with certified specialty paper options.

In July 2019, FSC welcomed these new certificate holders to the FSC community:

  • Penrod Europe – Founded in 1888, Penrod is a supplier of forest products, metal and PVC products for the residential and commercial construction markets.
  • Multifibres & yams (USA), Inc. – For the last five decades, Multifibres works and innovates in textiles– specifically in Regenerated Cellulosic Man Made Viscose Fibres (MMF) as well as a promise of a sustainable future.
  • IdeaStream consumer products, LLC – With a focus on storage, office, and organizational products, IdeaStream works to provide fast and efficient products to its clients, wrapping everything in certified packaging.
  • Sepire LLC – An agency who provides secure, innovative omni-channel solutions, melding the latest in technology. With a focus on sustainability, Sepire is certified with printing and marketing materials.
  • Parkland direct - Based in Forest, VA, Parkland, Direct is an established, high-quality litho print and envelope manufacturer specializing in large volume litho envelope production.
  • Huston Patterson Corporation - Huston Patterson is a leader in the package print industry. Having been in business for more than 115 years, they are the longest-standing package printer in North America.
  • Five star sheets, LLC – Five Star Sheets is a co-operatively run manufacturer of corrugated paper and one of the largest independent producers supplying the Midwest packaging industry.
  • Martinez millwork, Inc – Martinez Millwork specializes in designing, building, and installing custom woodwork for architectural and commercial projects.
  • Poppin Inc. – Poppin retails office products and solutions. The Company offers a range of writing products, notebooks, desktop, organization, furniture, cable organizers, wall clocks, flashlights, decor, and other accessories. Poppin serves customers and businesses through online website across the United States.
  • Sheets, LLC – A corrugated Paper Manufacturer from Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Wynalda packaging – The Wynalda family of companies offers unmatched capabilities in domestic and international packaging.
  • Mid states packaging company – Located in Lewistown, Ohio, Mid-States Packaging specializes in honeycomb packaging that can be used for a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Guy enterprises LLC – A manufacturer in Mississippi specializing in rough wood, roundwood logs.

New Trademark License Holders

  • Danone North America - Danone North America is a Certified B Corporation business unit of Danone, is one of the top 15 food and beverage companies in the U.S., and includes well-known brands such as Dannon, Silk, Horizon Organic, Activia, Oikos, and many more.
  • Play 2 Progress - Play 2 Progress is a California-based child learning center looking to offer FSC-certified wood toys to help kids reach their unique learning goals.

In June 2019, FSC welcomed these new Certificate Holders to the FSC community:

  • Corenso Wisconsin Board, LLC - Located in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, this Mill started producing uncoated recycled paperboard(URB) in 2008 for Tube & Core Converters and Industrial Packaging Converters primarily. This is the only Mill producing 10pt – 46pt URB on a single ply fourdrinier in North America.
  • Westminster Teak, Inc. – Eco-friendly high-quality teak furniture for patio and gardening.
  • Print Management Group – Offset printing company located in North Carolina.
  • United Veneer LLC – A veneer supplier in Matthews, North Carolina.
  • Martin Brattrud – A interior furniture company that designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of contract seating and tables that ships.
  • Ziebach & Webb Timber Co., Inc. – An experienced logging and timber company located in Alabama.
  • Sharp International Group - SHARP International is a merchant of linerboard and equipment used in the corrugating industry.
  • Sauna Works Inc – Manufactures infrared saunas made with certified Basswood or Western Red Cedar.
  • AJD Forest Products LP – A full-service lumber mill located in Grayling, Michigan

In May 2019, FSC welcomed these new Certificate Holders to the FSC community:

  • WL Timbers Inc. - located in South Carolina
  • PRO-PAK INDUSTRIES – Specializes in creative packaging
  • InterGlobal Forest LLC – Specializes in sourcing high quality wood products for consumers
  • Hincka Logging, a logging contractor located in Michigan
  • Standard Printing Company of Canton – Printer in Ohio with digital and offset printing, specializing in serving packaging, retail display, and more
  • Land Resources Inc. Family Forest
  • Mohegan Renewable Energy – A global exporter of sustainable fuel, and parent company Mohegan Holding Company, is a subsidiary of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut
  • Royal Consumer Products – A division of Mafcote, Inc., Royal Consumer Products is a consumer paper goods company with an e-commerce focus
  • HH Associates U.S., Inc. (HH Global) – An agency dedicated to helping clients make sustainable marketing choices
  • Multicell Packaging, Inc. – Atlanta, Georgia packaging company specializing in corrugated box partitions for many kinds of products

Find information about these and all other FSC certified businesses at