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Wednesday, 27 March 2019
Climate-Smart Wood Group Launched at Mass Timber Conference

March 27, 2019

The Climate-Smart Wood Group was launched in Portland, OR earlier this month, with more than 100 architects, builders, developers, suppliers and corporate leaders in attendance.

The Climate-Smart Wood Group is managed jointly by Forest Stewardship Council US, Ecotrust, Sustainable Northwest, Northwest Natural Resources Group, and Washington Environmental Council to help building project teams successfully identify, access, and use climate-smart wood.

This group was formed with the following objectives in mind: more effective communication between buyers, help surface demand to suppliers and create buyer-supplier connections, and advance incentives for green building projects to use climate-smart wood. Initially, the group intends to support building projects by:

  • Making the case for climate-smart wood products.
  • Helping project teams source wood from FSC-certified forests and restoration treatments.
  • Exploring ways to increase the supply of climate-smart wood products in the marketplace.

Because we hear from project teams on a near-daily basis, we know many are trying to do the right thing in their wood specifications and purchases. We seek to help these teams succeed with FSC, and to grow the market for FSC-certified products over time.

For more information, see this overview sheet or this recently released video to show the difference climate-smart wood makes in the forest.

If you are interested in being added to the Climate-Smart Wood Group distribution list, please email Brad Kahn ( Thank you.