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Thursday, 15 February 2018
Summary of Motions Passed at 2017 FSC General Assembly

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February 15, 2018

At the 2017 FSC General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, FSC Members gathered from across the globe to tackle some of the biggest opportunities and challenges facing forests in North America and around the world. Sixty one motions were proposed for consideration as of the start of the General Assembly. During the first part of the week in Vancouver, many of these motions were combined or withdrawn. Ultimately, members voted on 35 motions, passing 15.

FSC US staff developed a Summary of Motions Passed, as a resource for US-based members and stakeholders.

A full Motions Report was distributed to the FSC Membership by FSC International prior to the General Assembly (available to members on the Motions Portal of the GA website). More details can be found on the FSC International website.