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Tuesday, 27 November 2012
FSC convenes key players at first Southeast Regional Meeting

 (© George C Gress)© George C Gress

FSC’s growing presence in the US Southeast was on full display last month as 150 manufacturers, landowners, investment managers, procurement teams, state agencies, and conservation groups gathered at The Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta to learn more about exciting growth markets for FSC-certified material.

The event featured many of the region’s forest products’ leaders, representing global supply chains in which FSC plays an increasingly important role.

Don Finkell, CEO of Anderson Hardwood Floors, gave an impassioned keynote address about FSC’s growth from upstart to strong competitor in US wood markets.

Kim Carstensen, new Director General of FSC International, described the importance of FSC’s global network of National Offices in ensuring a strong and scalable system.

Ron Jarvis, Vice President of Merchandising & Sustainability at The Home Depot, talked about how FSC helps retailers and consumers make positive choices for the forest.

Corey Brinkema, FSC-US President, discussed FSC’s role as a transformative force in domestic and global wood markets.

Leaders from the corporate world – including The Home Depot, HP, Domtar, Office Depot, Kimberly-Clark, and Columbia Forest Products – spoke alongside WWF, Dogwood Alliance and Carbon Canopy about ways to make FSC stronger and more valuable for forests and the people dependent on them.

The Forest Stewardship Council is currently planning its 2013 annual meeting for the Southeast region.