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Tuesday, 30 October 2012
Find FSC-Certified Companies at Greenbuild

 (© The Collins Companies)© The Collins Companies

If you are attending Greenbuild 2012, come see the Forest Stewardship Council’s newly redesigned booth in the North Hall’s Wood Pavilion #3369N (as well as The Collins Companies' booth, shown above).

And many other FSC-certified companies will surround our booth in the North Hall.

Following is a list of those FSC-certified companies and licensed retailers we were able to locate.

If we missed you, please send an email to info at us.fsc point org and we’ll update our list.

In the Wood Pavilion
3369N: Forest Stewardship Council
3375N: Viridian Reclaimed Wood
3377N: Complete Millwork Services, Inc.
3469N: McKillican/Panel Source
3475N: Roseburg
3488N: Cambia by Northland Forest Products
3574N: The Collins Companies 
3477N: Columbia Forest Products
3578N: Freeman Corporation
3383N: Contact Industries
3482N: Paneltech International
3486N: Woodfold Manufacturing
3391N: Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring
3584N: Windfall Lumber
3586N: General Woodcraft Inc.
3489N: RoyOMartin
3588N: EcoTimber
3491N: Rainforest Alliance

Immediately surrounding the Wood Pavilion
3569N: Smith & Fong—Plyboo
3269N: Richlite Company
3283N: States Industries LLC

Elsewhere in the expo hall
3883N: Kimberly-Clark Corporation
4147N: Andersen Windows & Doors
4057N: The Home Depot
5501W: Office Depot