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FSC Earth Day Communications Guide

April 22, 2020

On Earth Day, the world stops and contemplates our need to care for the planet. Given all the forests do to make Earth a habitable home, now is a great time to remind your customers that the fate of the world’s forests depends on their actions. The resources included here will help you explain how FSC helps achieve organizational sustainability goals. It also will help you explain how their choosing FSC can make a big difference for forests.

Why your participation in FSC-related storytelling matters: Transformative progress can only be achieved through our collective effort – from environmental and social organizations, as well as our many business partners. If all agree that FSC’s mission is critically important, and that FSC is the preferred market-based solution to forest management, we must engage together and tell our FSC story - for the benefit of all who depend on forests.

Download the 2020 FSC Earth Day Communications Guide below.